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      Notices and Announcements

      China Securities Index Co., Ltd. has been providing bond valuation data and services since 2012. The 2019-2020 CSI bond valuation product subscription starts today.For further information, please contact:Marketing:Alex ZhiTel: (+86)-(0)21-50186582Email: lzhi@sse.com.cnGeneral enquiry:Iris MaTel: (+86)-(0)21-50182732Email: xma@sse.com.cnEven XuTel: (+86)-(0)21-50187073Email: dixu@sse.com.cnChina Securities Index Co.,LTDMay 8th 2019...

      2019-05-08 View detailed >>

      Daily Index Information

      • Sector Breakdown of Shanghai Stock Exchange
      • Sector Breakdown of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)
      Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)
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